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The Beginning of Justice

Hey everyone I am Annabelle Deasy, the founder of Women for Justice. I am so excited to begin this journey and want to tell you all a bit about my ideas. I always knew I wanted to do something outside of myself for the greater community and world but didn't know where to begin. Like many of you (especially during this quarantine) I have felt very small with the large issues in the world and unsure of how I could make a difference. This week I finally decided it was time to take action. I sat down with a journal and wrote about the issues I was passionate about and what has affected my life directly. As a young woman in society, I have often felt belittled by my gender due to stereotypes of society. As a junior in high school, I have still felt impacted by my gender role, but have begun to grow into my own skin as a woman. I have also realized the privilege I have and that I can do much more for others. So I decided I wanted to help other women and people who have been pushed aside by society make a voice for themselves. In this organization, I want it to be a space where we can talk about the discrimination and hardships we have gone through in our lives. I also want people who want an outlet to start a change in society to do so. My goal is to start with a group of young men and women in the community who feel passionate about Women's rights to come together and brainstorm ideas for change such as protesting, raising money for women who do not have access to necessary things (education, healthcare, feminine products, etc.), and raise awareness for these issues in the world. Please reach out on the website or follow us on Instagram @womenforjustice_ !!

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Easy thing for me to write is, while I am biased as your dad, I am so proud of you and support you fully! While that all is 1000% true, my pride and support of you is much deeper and broader. This self created effort by you to create awareness, conversation, action, and change to benefit all people... yes, all people because in my view, when you help achieve “I wanted to help other women and people who have been pushed aside by society make a voice for themselves.”, you will have helped all of us! Thank you and go all in!

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